Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day 2006

<---So this is my Mother's Day gift from my guys! I am totally stunned at how tiny it is-3 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches and only 1/4 inch thick! I don't know why I thought it was bigger, but I did! Currently, it is plugged into my computer and getting charged up. One thing that's neat about it is that it has some games in it so when I am sitting somewhere waiting, I can fool around with solitaire! It can also hold some of my photos, which is fun. I am *spoiled*!! My son made me a great brekki this morning-bacon, eggs and toast with tea. at about 11 a.m. we drove into Vancouver and went to Stanley Park. This park is a forest in the heart of the city and it's truely the city's crown jewel. I adore Stanley Park-it's so beautiful. We stopped and got sub sandwiches on the way there and then drove around the park to the far side where we had our lunch.

Two shots of the view from 2nd Beach in Stanley Park. This was our view while we had our lunch. I was playing around with my settings on my camera. I love the Sepia setting-it's interesting how different things look when you take the natural colours away.

The tide was out so we went down onto the sand and poked around. Aren't the star fish pretty? There were tons of them clinging to the rocks. (Click on any of the images to view them larger.)

It was pretty warm out today-about 20c but the wind was blowing pretty hard off the ocean so it was a little chilly. (Some guy was down there on the beach in a speedo and nothing else! BRRR!! He's nuts!!) It was good to get out though and breath in the wonderful briney smell of the ocean and people watch, to enjoy my son's company and walk hand in hand with my sweetie. Today reminded me why I love living here so much-it's just utterly gorgeous and inspiring.

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