Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Things That Amuse Me

Yesterday was the Bellingham ATC swap so I went down with my friend Sue. I thought the border might be bad with it being the American long weekend, but it was only 10 minutes each way at Lynden.

Sue and I met up with Gretchen and Stacie so I could photograph some of Gretchen's artwork and then the four of us went to the Colophon* Cafe for lunch. It's my favourite place to go when I am down and none of the ladies had been there before. The food is fantastic and the menue is really unique. (More on that when Stacie sends me dessert photos-my camera was full of Gretchen's artwork so Stacie took those pics.)

Anyway, after lunch, we went to the swap and it was a pretty good turn out for a holiday weekend. Sue and I did some more shopping afterwards and I had a bee in my bonnet about buying myself a pair of croc shoes. Sue and I tried several stores and finally found them at Walgreen's. I want them because I want to alter them and wear some happy little shoes all summer. I thought it would be fun and they sure look confortable. Wallgreen's had them and they were only $9.99 a pair so I got two pair. I wanted baby blue or red, but they didn't have the blue in adult size and no red so I got the purple and white. I will alter the white pair. I still want red and baby blue though-I will have to keep looking. I just love the colours!! (And I was right, they were comfy!) There is also a site where you can get things to personalize your crocs-how fun!! Maple Leaves anyone?!?! *grin*

Gretchen will have a blog up and running soon and I am just thrilled for her! I will post a link here when she does so you can enjoy her artwork too! :)

Well, I have lots of work to do today and I MUST get it done so I can go off to Farrell's album debut this evening with a clear conscience. Hopefully I will have some pics to share from that tomorrow! Happy Memorial Day tomorrow to my friends south of the border!

*And for those of you who are wondering:

colophon: (noun)
1. An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication.
2. A publisher's emblem or trademark placed usually on the title page of a book.


Anonymous said...

Aren't those Crocs the most comfortable things in the world?? When I was first introduced to them, I ended up getting them in khaki, white, black, red, navy, and bone (off-white), I end up wearing the khaki ones all the time, and I gave the black ones to my daughter-in-law. I've never worn the red ones, so if you want them (no charge), I'll send them out to you! Just let me know. They are a size W 8-9.

Anonymous said...

ok my dear.. check out my blog from yesterdays event.. I have your picture of our decadent deserts!

Anonymous said...

Lelainia.. this new blog is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!