Sunday, May 28, 2006

Because Mo Asked!

My friend Mo gave me this list which came from Art & Life when I was teaching at her house last week. She wanted everyone to fill it out and I thought I would post my answers here, just for fun.

I live: On the beautiful West Coast of Canada.

My pedigree is: Dyed-in-the-wool prairie girl. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

My website is: and I love having it!

In 5 words I am : firery, compassionate, loving, versitile, courageous.

Happiness is: living fully and passionately in the moment.

I wish: people could be kinder to one another.

I'm most influenced by: my intuition and my heart.

I've always wanted to: go to Tibet and hike to the base of Everest.

I want to be: fully fluent in Spanish.

My current art project is: making myself a journal for Artfiberfest.

I love the smell of: campfires burning, the ocean and fresh baked bread.

My best memory is: my trip to NYC to spend time with Anna & Carlos. (I have lots, but this is right up there!)

My current obsession is: croc shoes and glass beads.

I like: buttons, folk art, good books, going to the movies, kewpie dolls, vintage robots, handmade jewellery, Hallowe'en, pumpkins, laughing, deep and honest friendships and the colour red.

I dislike: smoking, cats, yoghurt, red food dye. (I am allergic to all these things.) I also dislike it when people act with a complete lack of integrity.

My favourite food is: a full fledged turkey dinner.

Something I avoid at all costs is: fighting with people. It hurts me deeply to be in serious conflict with people I care about. (Thank god it's a rare occurance!)

My favourite vacation spot is: NYC or Missoula, Montana.

My favourite toy as a child: Playdoh-I still love the smell of it.

My favourite toy now: My ipod nano.

Current favourite quote: "We Were Made For these Times"-you can read it here. It's the last one on the page. It's the most powerful and inspiring thing I have ever read. My favourite parts is where it says "One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul."

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