Sunday, May 28, 2006

Exciting News!!

(AKA the last post for today.)

I am thrilled to share with you that my beautiful and talented friend Gretchen Goodwin has launched her new blog! If her name sounds familiar, it may be because Gretchen was recently published in Somerset Studio's April/ May 2006 edition for her "All About Me Book" which she created in a 3 day class with Nina Bagley.

Gretchen is such a lovely person. We met entirely by chance at an ATC swap down in Bellingham, Wa. a couple of years ago and I liked her instantly. She is such a gentle soul and so nurturing. She reminded me alot of another dear friend of mine-they look alot alike and their spirits are much the same, so how could I not love her?

Anyway, please do go visit her blog and say hello. I think you will really enjoy her art-it's amazing.

Congrats Gretchen and welcome to blogland! :) xo

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