Thursday, June 29, 2006

AFF Part 4

In the Gallery room at AFF, there was this table filled with Teesha and Tracy's journals. They came in every size, shape and colour. Some were paper, some fabric and some made of metal. My favourite one was this tiny little one with an elephant on the cover. (It's right in the center of the first photo.) I have a thing for journals-I have several and even if I never write in them, I just like having them. I also have a thing for little books-there's a whole stack of them on the headboard of our bed. Book and journals are friends and you can never have too many friends!

Teesha and Tracy had some journals for sale at vendor's night but the second the door opened, they were snapped up and the only way I got to see one is later when I discovered my friend Janice had bought one of Teesha's. Too bad-I would have liked to have seen them! They obviously went like hotcakes!

Tiphoni was hanging out in the gallery room felting and made this cool little dill pickle! I just loved it. She made a whole bunch more food related things, including a pork chop and a chicken drumstick and some other characters. She's so talented that girl!

My next post will be pics I took at the show and tell. There are alot of them so I might have to spread them out a little.

I spent part of yesterday working on my Artfolio from DJ Pettit's class. I have it about 80% finished and I am really loving the way it looks. The hinges and the binding of the signatures comes next. I will post pics when I am done. That reminds me, I need to rechage my camera's batteries. They finally ran out of juice yesterday.


liz said...

all your pictures and descriptions are WONDERFUL!! almost makes me feel like i was there. SO glad you had such a wonderful time!
liz xx

edina said...

Wow Lelainia - you got so much AFF stuff on your blog already - fabulous!! I'm so glad we had a class together and got to know each other better. Can't wait until the next event...YOU ROCK, TOO! :)