Friday, June 30, 2006

AFF Post #5

So this will give you a taste of what was accomplished at AFF. The last night of the reatreat is the show and tell and there was just an amazing array of work. Not all the projects were designed to be completed in a single day, but still I was impressed with how much people did manage to finish. I have a sneaking suspicion some of them went without sleep! (LOL!) Not me-I actually didn't finish a thing, but that's okay-it was about the process, not the finished product and I am working on my projects now.

The crazy thing about the show & tell is that it makes you wish you could have taken all the classes because the finished pieces are so wonderful and it's cool to see say 10 projects but all of them completely unique to the artist. For an instructor, that is the most gratifying part of teaching-to teach someone the besic skill and watch them then parlay that into their own unique art. If that happens, you know you have done a wonderful job of teaching. The point is not to have someone copy exactly what you did, but to help them find out what they can do.

Tomorrow, I will finish up with official AFF posts and then get back to the usual stuff! (It had to happen eventually, right?) In the meantime, I spent yesterday morning sorting all the fibres I received from the fibre swap at AFF. I now have two boxes filled with colour, all neat and organized. (I can just hear you thinking "Oh boy, she's at it again." Yes, I love to organize-it's sick really!) The top of my desk has disappeared once again! It seems to be a constant occurance around here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful things you create !

Kind regards from The Netherlands and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seeing all these goodies makes me want to reach right in the computer screen and start feeling and touching everything! It sounds like you had a blast and were introduced to a lot of fun and interesting techniques. But welcome back...we missed you!