Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bonne Fete Canada!

HAPPY CANADA DAY! to all my fellow Canadians! WOOHOO!!

( This concludes my big whoop celebration of the day. WHEW! That was exhausting. Next year maybe I will just wave my paper flag and be done with it.)

As is the typical Canadian custom, no big plans for the day, since I am working on a commission today and tomorrow but maybe my guys will remember to fire up the BBQ at some point.


Maija said...

We met briefly at ArtFest and I just found your lovely blog! Now I know I am DEFINETLY going to ArtFiberFEst next year!\

liz said...

hope that bbq got lit!! we had one last night to celebrate the big day--my kids think i'm CRAZY!!--but i'm just a canuck deep down--and always will be--no matter how far away from home!
liz xx

Lori S-C said...

Happy belated Canada day!

It looks like you are in the midst of some super creative stuff!

Cool stuff, Lelainia!