Monday, June 05, 2006


Me again. I decided I wanted to share with you a thought that popped into my head this morning while I was working. It was this:

"Dwell in possibilities."

Just that little thought came whispering in my ear this morning. It's amazing when I turn on my music and sit down to create how my mind will wander into all kinds of previous unexplored nooks and crannies of my being. It's when I am not consciously thinking that all kinds of inspiration comes calling.

So today it was "Dwell in possibilities." For me it's a reminder to just allow myself the beauty and wonder of dreaming, of risking to live my dreams and to just open myself up to fully embrace whatever good is meant to come my way. I believe my life is magical in this way. It's just a matter of listening to the whispering of your soul.

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