Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Afternoon at Casa Del Chaos

Blogger is being tempermental and not allowing me to share any images today. *insert a big fat raspberry here*

Anyway, not to be deterred, I will just tell you that if you could see my workspace right now, you would see a whole pile of paper being worked into a journal for Artfiberfest which is a mind blowing 16 days away! YIKES! I need to kick into high gear and finish my swaps and gather all my supplies for the classes I am taking! My journal is about half done and I will post pics when I am finished.

In the meantime, I spent the morning running around buying birthday gifts for my son who will offically be 15 years old tomorrow. It's amazing to think I am actually old enough to have a child that age! Crazy! Anyway, he's all excited because as is our tradition, I will pick him up at lunch and take him out to eat (at this silly little burger joint) and then go shopping. We have done this every year since he started school. I think it's the pits to have to spend your birthday in school. Mine always fell on or near spring break so I would spend a miserable day writing exams and usually it was my worst one-math. I decided when we had kids that I would make sure our child would only have a 1/2 day at school and do something fun instead. I am not sure how much longer he will want to do this, so I am just enjoying it while it lasts. After he blows all his birthday money, we go to the bakery and he picks out what kind of cake he would like. Is he spoiled or what?!?! We also went to see the new X-Men movie yesterday too, since no one wanted to go to the movies tomorrow night.

In other news, I have some artwork that looks like it's going to be published in a new book that is going to press shortly. I will share the details when I know more myself. It seems most publishers want to keep things close to the vest until it's a fait accomplis, which is totally understandable. (The publishing world is just so competitive.) It's always nice to have things published, if not a little weird! I still find it surreal.

Okay, I had better get back to work. Oh and for those who are participating in the Beautiful Bead swap, your returns went out last week, so I think you should have them some time next week. If you are interested in the Dandy Candy swap, there's still time to sign up-you have until the 10th. Please come join us!!

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liz said...

hope you had a GREAT day!! did the birthday boy get all he wished for?
liz xx
ps: half a day off school would have made it for me!!