Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Shopping Good Time!

So here are my spoils for shopping at Dressew. I got:
-5 pieces of craft felt @ .49c each
-9 packets of rick rack @ .25c each
-2 packets of teeny pom poms @ .99c each
-2 boxes of straight pins @ $1.99 each
-1 magnetic needle nest @ $1.99
-1 packet of 4 needle threaders @ .49c
-10 pink flowers @ .10c each
-2 yds. golden yellow punchinella @ .39c a yd.
-2 yds. orange mesh fabric @ .39c yd.
for a grand total of $18.86 with tax included!! Not bad!!

Here are Janice and Deb shopping. As you can see, there are just aisles and aisles of "stuff" and it's kind of like a treasure hunt. You might go in with an idea of what you are going to buy, but as you wander and look, you find yourself tossing things into the basket that are not on "the list". The prices are just too good not to! I will definately be going back!! If you can name it, they have it at Dresssew-everything from notions, to wool (which was on sale for $1.99 a ball!) to craft items, to fabric to costume supplies. (I know where I am going to shop for Hallowe'en!!!)

On our way downtown, we spied a multi-family garage sale and decided to stop. My scores were this tin, which I AM going to cut up and use to make metal charms ala Linda & Opie. I paid a whole 50c for it! It's a bit of an odd shape and I have no idea what it held at one point, but it will make really pretty charms. I also found this neat wooden box. The woman who sold it to me said her father had made it and she was a senior, so that would make this box pretty old. I thought it would be good to haul/store art supplies in. I need to clean it up a little-it's dusty and cobwebby but nothing a little TLC won't fix. I might even rub some Murphy's Oil Soap into it. I paid 50c for it, which I think is a steal!!


Rella said...

WOW!! What a find! 50 cents. You did good ~ newcomer to blog world

Deb said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAH! I wanna go too, Tuna! What fun! Love all your finds and can't wait to see what you do with em.