Monday, July 24, 2006

News From the Cave

Ah treasures and delights came from the magical mail box this morning. Several new rubber plates, German scrap and *splodgers from Paper Artsy. I can't wait to get started on some new design work for them. I just realized this morning that I have now been working with them for 2 years! WOW! How quickly time flies when you're having fun!

These are the little buttons Sarah Fishburn sent me about a week ago, just because. I just adore little buttons.

Thanks to everyone who posted about ways to cope with the heat. I certainly learned alot. I hope you are all heeding your own advice and keeping cool. It's amazing how quickly people can become ill tempered when they get too hot, myself included. I especially hate the migraines I get when it's too hot for me. Bring on the autumn I say!! I am ready for jeans, sweaters, crisp days, wind, falling leaves and pumpkins. All these things make me immensely happy! In the meantime, I am hibernating with the fans going full blast and munching freezies and fresh fruit. Hey-whatever works! I just wish it would cool down enough at night that people could get a decent night's sleep. Being hot and tired is no fun.

*Splodgers are a plain plastic credit card-like thing for spreading paint, gesso, etc.


Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Ugh, I had the WORST heat induced migraine this morning. Took my LAST tablet.. I am hoping to get my prescription before another one hits. I hope you are feeling better and weathering (ha) this heat well. xo

dogfaeriex5 said...

ditto on the fall weather, that is my favorite season, when everything is crisp especially the air...thanks for hooking me up with lisa call jewelry..she is so talented and i ordered one of her charms which i have not taken off since i received it.....

tiffini elektra x said...

Oh I just love the stamp designs at Paper Artsy! They are fantastic!! And Sarah is such a doll - I love the little buttons. Her art is so fitting for them! Plus it is so fun to just have little miniture glimses of what is really a bigger piece of art.