Friday, July 28, 2006

!Viva la Musica!

I have been working my butt off so yesterday I decided to take 5 and go over to the mall for a bit. It's good to give your creative brain a rest sometimes. I decided to treat myself to two new albums I had been yearning for. Kt Tunstall's music is really cool and you might know Ray Davies from the Kinks. (Thanks Liz for pointing this out! I love that Liz loves alot of the same music as I do and is so savvy about it!)

When I am working sometimes I listen to music via my computer. I like to use Pandora which I have mentioned before. Ray Davies' song "Other People's Lives" (Click here and scroll down the page to where you can listen to it.) came up one day and I loved it so I decided to buy the album. What I love about Pandora is that I am exposed to music I might not otherwise hear. (I only listen to the radio in the car-I can't stand commercials when I want to listen to music.)

In other news, the Tattered Edge Mercantile is doing well. I am surprised (though pleasantly so) about all the custom orders I have had for my inclusion journals. I am making them as time allows. It's been a busy summer so far. I am trying to clear my plate somewhat before I go away on holiday. I think it's easier to relax when you know you don't have a pile of stuff needing your attention on your desk. And if you can't relax while on holidays, what the point?!?

Speaking of holidays, my guys took yesterday off and went tubing at Alouette Lake. They put in on the river and floated down. Apparently there were parts where the river had rapids strewn with rocks. My husband gashed his elbow and knee on the way down, but they said they had a good day. I guess for guys it's not fun till someone's bleeding! Me, I would have got out when I spotted the rocks-I'm not that reckless!

Blogger seems to back up and running-they have had problems the last few days in case you were wondering where I went. Lots of us who use Blogger were frustrated. Hopefully they have it fixed now!

Anyway, I had better get back to work if I want to be free in time for my holidays! Thankfully it's overcast and much cooler today. YAY!!

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