Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dreaming of Autumn

I had great plans for today, but between running errand and my guys arriving home from work really early this afternoon, I didn't accomplish as much as I had expected to. What I did manage to create today is this latest inclusion journal, Secret Ponderings. I found this gorgeous paper in autumn hues and had to have some. The little garden faerie boy just created himself and he's so adorable, I almost decided to keep this one for myself! But, I decided to resist temptation and make this journal available at the Tattered Edge Mercantile, so if you love it and have to have it, you'd better hurry!

In other news, my registration papers for Artfest 2007 went postal today. Now I just get to sit back and wait to see which of the classes I get to take. It was super hard making decisions. I almost wish I could take two classes in a day, but after 4 days, my head would likely explode. As it is, I have learned to pick something that is somewhat within my comfort zone on the last day because by then I am exhausted and brain power is lagging, even if enthusiasm is not. Hard to believe AF 2007 is only 6 1/2 months away. I know the time will go by quickly!

I had a wonderful chat with my pal Tracy Roos last night and another this afternoon with Caren who is delightful. We had a good laugh over my husband hearing Caren's message on my phone the other day and telling me he couldn't understand who it was. He thought it was someone from Newfoundland. (If you are Canadian, you know why that is gut busting funny.) Caren has a South African mixed with a New Zealand accent and I guess if you didn't know that, it might make things confusing. Anyway, it was great talking to Tracy and Caren. Thanks for the good gab sessions girls-it's always a treat!

Happily I enjoyed cooler weather today, which also came with a smattering of rain. I can't tell you how pleased I was to have that rain today. It's been quite hot, even at night and sleeping, even with a fan on has been challenging. I am *SO* ready for Autumn! (Which is my most favourite time of year. I feel so joyful and alive in autumn.) October will be a busy month as we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, my sweet husband's 50th (!) birthday, and our 16th wedding anniversary as well. Autumn is such a happy time. Bring on the change of leaves, cool crisp days, wind whipping through the trees, pumpkins on the vine and Hallowe'en!! I am ready!!

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Anonymous said...

Lelainia...I just LOVE this little journal!! I have been watching this one and the other one that you have at ETSY, and I can't determine which one I like better! By the time that I make up my mind, they will both be gone. You have done such a wonderful job with these and I know that I want to get one, just having a hard time deciding. All I need now is for you to add ANOTHER one to the mix and REALLY make my decision even harder..LOL!