Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Witch

I spent the day today working on my Dias De Los Muertos/Hallowe'en Danglie swap pieces. I had planned to do something for Day of the Dead, even went so far as to draw a sugar skull, but in the end, I came up with this instead. Hallowe'en always makes me think of my beloved Gramps. It was his birthday and he would have been 85 this year. I miss him every day.

Anyway, I made 5 of these danglies and I have officially cleared my plate of all current deadlines!! How about that?!? Of course, there will be more shortly, but this means that I can actually take a couple of days and PLAY!! (Now there's a novel concept!) I have a prototype I want to work on for a collaborative book project I plan to host in the new year. I think I need to nibble some of those jelly beans Sandy gave me for inspiration! ;)

*I keep meaning to tell everyone in case you didn't know that I read all the comments you send me. Blogger just doesn't have a way for me to reply to you about them, unfortunately. I didn't want you to think I dodn't care-I appreciate hearing from you. I just wish there was a reply option with Blogger.


Anonymous said...

very nice! I can't tell what type of base it's on? I'll have to wait and see them in person! And I think I'll want to keep one for myself!!

Shari Beaubien said...

This is adorable, Lelainia! Are they sewn together on a fabric base, or is it paper? Really sweet... Shari

Anonymous said...

Love the little danglie and of course i love halloween :o)

Renee said...

I love this one! I want a costume just like that one!
Way to go Lelainia!