Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Have Internet, Will Shop!

The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. I have been seesawing wildly between moments of sheer happiness and those of utter despair. Just alot going on and sometimes it gets the best of me. I am sure lots of you know how that is-it's just life.

Anyway, I have been practicing some retail therapy because there's no better way to cheer this girl up than to have goodies in the mail. I don't care if I am the one providing them either! LOL! I ordered some "must haves" from Papier Valise. Janice has some wonderful new products, including some really cool metal 1/2 symbols, some "Dead Head" luggage tags, some price tags and of course, more fabulous German glass glitter. I also found some really cool teeny tiny starfish at Hannah Grey. ( I have a project in mind for these.)

And then, the find of all finds!! One of these will soon be MINE!! I am so excited about it. My friend DJ was gifted with one from Sally at AFF and I fell in love with it. I am an absolute button freak. I adore buttons. Nothing makes me happier. I know that's weird but there's just something so delighful about them. I love thinking that it's one of the things that links us back all the way to caveman times-every human being on the planet has worn a button of one kind or another throughout history. My most favourite buttons are an entire jar of antique white and ivory celluloid buttons. I also have bakealite buttons and glass buttons. MMMM Buttons!!

Anyway, I am on the verge of going off on holidays and there will be some wonderful things waiting for me in the mailbox when I get back. I can't wait. AND it's my dear, dear friend Deb's birthday on the weekend and I get to shop for goodies for her on my trip. I am excited about hunting for cool and special things for her while I am away. Deb is very dear to my heart-she smart and funny and kind and has the cutest southern accent..and no one calls me Tuna like she does. (Long story.)

Oh and there are always the jelly beans to brighten things up. Sandy, do you hear me blessing you every time I get a handful? *wink* I am still on what was in the dish to begin with and haven't tucked into bag #2 yet-I am savoring them!


Deb said...



I can't wait for my surprises!


One Crabapple said...

ohhh I am laughing.

I just read the bit about the jelly beans! I am so glad you love them !

smooches - S.