Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Ahh Sunday of the long weekend. The best part of Sundays for me is the fact that my sweet husband is off work usually which means he makes me tea and brekki in the morning. Some men say "I love you" but for me, tea is love, having him cook for me is love. And doing the dishes is definately love!!

My guys went down to the Coquitlam River this afternoon to take a cool dip. My son is just infatuated with his new camera and is snapping pictures like crazy. The beauty of the digital is the lack of a developing fee most of the time. He's content to just share them on his new blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. He just posted photos from the fireworks festival he was at last night. He came home from the river with some fabulous shots, but we are going to our garden this evening, photo hunting, so he'll post more tonight when we get back. It makes me happy that he's found something artistic that we can share. He's got a good eye for things and I would like to see him grow with this natural talent he has.

I made a few more journals for my Etsy shop, as you can see. This will probably be it for awhile since we are going on holiday at the end of this week. I am enjoying doing this more than I thought I would. Isn't that funny? I spent ages agonizing over whether to do it or not and then it turned out I worried for nothing. It's fun and as long as it stays fun. I will do it.

I also spent part of the day helping various friends with computer stuff. There just a great sense of satisfaction for my soul when someone needs help and I can provide it in some fashion. It's something that is just so ingrained in me and I think I am most my authentic self when I am helping people. Granted it was minor stuff this time, but it still felt good. :)

Tomorrow is the holiday here in BC and several provinces in Canada-a civic holiday which means no work for my guys. We are BBQing tonight-steak and fresh corn on the cob. MMM!! I love BBQ-in a perfect world-all food would come off a BBQ! *grins* Tomorrow the guys plan to go back to the river for another dip in the afternoon. Not sure what I will be doing-likely trying to get projects finished up so my brain can go on holiday too! Now there's a thought!

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Shari Beaubien said...

Would I be one of those friends needing computer help? Hmmmm?
You're THE BEST, Lelainia! And I love your new journals for etsy!!