Friday, August 25, 2006

Special Delivery!

So this huge box showed up this morning at my door. I was pretty stunned because I wasn't expecting anything, at least not this big! I was a bit worried because I have been doing a calendar RR and every month to box seems to get bigger and bigger. I was dreading the thought that this might just be another calendar, grown to monstrous proportions! it can't be a calendar-it's got Deb's return addy on it and Katie is the one who sends me calendar journals...Hmmm...

Oh look! A lifetime's supply of Styrofoam peanuts! Just what I always wanted! This is my lucky day!! Deb said she was sending me her pages for our ATC collaborative book...these might just be a bit bigger than the 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch dimensions...

SURPRISE! It was Deb's ATC pages and also this wonderful folk art sheep! COOL! Deb knows I love folk art and this is definitely something I don't have. So I have named him Ewan and I think he needs some funky wool blanket on his back. I will have to design something. Deb says she has Ewan's mate at her house so perhaps the mate also needs a wool blanket too! *wink*

Thank you so much Deb for such a great surprise. You spoil me absolutely rotten and I really appreciate it. You are so sweet to me. xox

In other news, I am at it again, cleaning, purging and organizing my workspace. It's been driving me mad-so much junk piling up and I just can't stand it. Right now there are papers all over the place as I sort through what to keep and what to junk. I do this whole massive clean up about 3-4 times a year. The coming of fall always spurs me to want to do it again. Thank god for charity drop boxes-I just fill bags up with stuff I am no longer using and drop them off as I fill them. It makes life so much easier and I feel good knowing someone who can really use the extras will get them.

Back to work! :)


Mamarox said...

I love the sheep and his name is a delight.
I, too, am trying to to the clean/purge thing. I love my "stuff" but every now and again, realize I have way too much and then off it goes.
Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

That is SOOO cool,, she is just so dang sweet!!!
Hey.. c'mon down and help me organize.. I need a foreman for MY overhaul!

Mary Stanley said...

Love the ATC's and your new Sheep. DO you have a "mantra" for getting rid of stuff in the studio? I need help! Mary