Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Mess

This morning I rolled up my sleeves and got working with paint. I never thought of myself as a painter (I still don't) but I do enjoy playing with colours and seeing what I can create.

I don't use fancy paint-90% of what I have is either 99c at the dollar store or one of my $8 boxes of watercolours from Loomis. I do have several tubes of Golden acryllics that were gifted to me by two very generous ladies who didn't want to tote them home to California after Artfest, but in general, I stick to the cheap stuff.

I decided to create some ATC for Paper Artsy using some of their new border stamps. (The paint tube isn't from their line-it's actually a stamp my friend loaned me.) I really like this border though.

This is another stamp from their new line. I was goofing around with paint technique and came up with this background. It's amazing what you learn when you just start playing. I am actually going to use this technique when I teach Laying it On Thick in Vancouver next month.

See what a cool background this makes?!?

You should see how much paint is all over my hands. I maintain that you're not having fun till you're making a mess! I always wonder what people think when I go to the grocery store or the bank and they see my hands all stained with paint and ink and charcoal. In June I went to have a manicure and pedicure done as a treat. The girl asked me how often I had my nails done. I just laughed and explained that since I am working full time as an artist, I never have my nails done. What's the point? It would be the most high maintenance thing ever if I were worried about the shape my nails were in all the time. I would be applying fresh polish nightly! Who has time for that?!?! Not me!! No acryllic nails for this girl either! Can you imagine? The thought just has me laughing my face off.

Ahh..someday perhaps I will aspire to be frou-frou, but not today. Today, I am happy being messy, creative me. These hands are working hands. Hands I am proud of.


Sweet Petunia said...

Traci Bautista said that shampoo it a great paint has more detergent. So after you have cleaned them up as much as possible wash your hair and your hands will be much cleaner:) I know there are also these hand barriers/lotion you can put on before painting that makes it easier to remove. I always remember I have some after my hands are completely covered in paint.

Love the ATCs

Susan Tuttle said...

Beautiful creations! I really like the one with the paint tube.

I'm with ya' all the way about frou-frou nails. I think I have had mine done maybe twice in my life--prom in highschool and for my wedding. In terms of the paint on the hands--I always have different colors under my nails. Definitely arty!