Friday, June 29, 2007


So I just got home from my shopping expedition in Vancouver with my friend Jen. We went to the Salvation Army thrift shop and made our way down into the basement which is literally a free for all. It's this giant room with just table after table covered in boxes of stuff. Everything from housewares, to electronics (I spotted a VCR with the remains of a chewed up video tape hanging out of it-like that's going to sell!) to games, to hundreds of old records, to just plain JUNK!

While Jen was poking around looking for old Scrabble games to cannibalize, I spotted something shiny in the bottom draw of one of those clear plastic drawers on wheel units. (Oooo!! Shiny! I must have been a crow in a former life!) I opened the drawer to investigate and there was this huge, brand new, never been opened bag of plastic charms. 2000 charms to be exact. Every colour you could imagine, 3d, double sided so there's no "wrong" side to them and for a song!! You can bet I snapped that up right there and then and ran to the counter to pay for it.

I just opened it up to see all the different kinds that are in there. There's airplanes, rickshaws, Asian buildings, telephones, Native Indians, cowboys, horses, dogs, hearts, keys, motor cycles, genie lamps, totem poles, bless, clowns, lamps, crowns, Buddhas and more! I am so excited to have them and I know what I am going to do with them: my students are going to get to share them with me! I think they will make a fun little goodies and will be wonderful for adding to the spine of an altered book, tying to a package or just for fun. That right there made my shopping trip worthwhile!


Ellene McClay said...

ooohhhh, don't you just love a great find for a great price? Love your work and the blog!

Mick said...

"Jannie! Start the car, we're going to the Thrift Shop!" Sorry, last minute instructions for the Mrs. - I gotta look for a bag o' those!
Forgive that I don't comment often, I do stop in on a regular basis to peek at what you're doing week to week. :)

mormar said...

OH, how fun was that!! Perfect score, good job on the junk hunting. Can't wait to see what comes of these.

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Awesome find. I wish we had more thrift stores here. They are opening a new one close by so I hope its good!!

Lauri said...

Sooo jealous!