Monday, July 02, 2007

Bonne Fete Canada!!

So yesterday was Canada Day and our country celebrated its 140th birthday. We decided to go into Vancouver to Canada Place and enjoy the festivities there. We parked in historic Gastown and walked up to Canada Place. It was a sea of humanity and we had lots of opportunity for people watching. Here are some photos I took along the way.

This is a war memorial statue outside of the Waterfront Station. I wish it hadn't been so bright out so this picture wouldn't appear so washed out...but I love the expression on the face of the angel and the wings are beautiful. It really bothers me that the statues get dirtied by the birds-it ruins my enjoyment of them. I think the city needs to take better care of them.

This was a graphic outside a shop in Gastown. I just really liked it, so I snapped a pic.
A shot taken from Stanley Park looking back towards the city. We went over to the park afterwards to pick out a spot to watch the fireworks from. We found a spot near the 9 o'clock gun and had a picnic dinner. When the gun went off at 9, it scared the hell out of me. The gun is a cannon that goes off every night at 9 and even though I know this, it always makes me jump out of my skin. I am not used to hearing cannons going off. It's deafening and then it echos back off all the buildings downtown. I don't know how the folks living near it can stand it. I don't think I could withstand having a heart attack on a daily basis!

We amused ourselves all evening playing cards, which was alot of fun. We often have family game times, especially in the winter. We either play cards or scrabble and it's one of my son's favourite things to do. In the winter when the weather is ugly, I will make a nice lunch and put everything on the table and we sit and play while we nibble. This is something I was raised doing during bad weather days on the prairies. When a snow storm would hit or the wind chill factor was too harsh to go outside, that's what we'd do! It's a great way to connect as a family.
The Vancouver Police were patrolling the park on horseback, as they do, especially in the summer. It's fun to see them walking their horses along the seawall. As you can see, there was quite a crowd by the time 10:30 p.m. rolled around. The lit up building you can see is Canada Place (Our big convention center.) where we were earlier in the day.

The night was perfect for fireworks-just warm enough to be comfortable and no rain. We were treated to about a 45 minute show and didn't get home till midnight. Good thing that today (Monday) was a day off, since the stat fell on the weekend so we all slept in!

Today was spent packing up my new designs for Paper Artsy to go off to the UK tomorrow. Other than that, I didn't do much-I seem to be coming down with a very sore throat and my voice is going in and out. *sigh* Time to crawl into bed with a good book and drown myself in tea!

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