Monday, July 16, 2007

The Magic Mailbox

When I got home from the track this morning, the magical mailbox held a parcel that had made its way across the pond from sweet Liz! Look at these goodies! Vintage fabrics from France, vintage buttons and delicious lace from England and see that hook? I LOVE that hook. The handle is worn wood. I absolutely love that it is worn-it makes me think of the hands it must have passed through over the years. If only it could speak-the stories it would tell! I believe it was used to button boots back in the day.

Liz also sent this packet of knitting needles. I love that on the opening flap it says "note the points" because it has "especially tapered points which will not injure the fingers". *giggles* Good to know! Old packaging is just so cool.

This pattern amused me-the girl in the red dress (red's my favourite colour) has curly hair and green eyes like me. (Did you notice that Liz?!) The pattern is a "Half-size slenderette". I am by no means a "slenderette" but the term makes me smile.

She also included some small buttons (pins) because she knows I love them. I have a whole pile of them stuck into the inside roof of my car, which is fabric. Most were gifts from friends-Tracy Roos, Sarah Fishburn, Tiffini Elecktra X, Deb Trotter and Tina Catspaw. I like having little art pins to look at as I travel around. (Another way I live more artfully.) These are fun and later today when I go back out, I will take them and add them to my collection.

And last but not least, she sent me some new music. Liz and I have been swapping music for some time now. We seem to have very similar tastes and it's great to listen to what she's found. When she was here a few months ago, I sent her home with several of my newest finds. I am always on the hunt to find new music for my Ipod to keep me company when I'm at the track. (What every did we do before Ipods?!? They are one of the best inventions yet!) I am just about to pop this in and give it a listen.

Thank you Liz for all your thoughtful gifts. I love everything you sent. While it's so nice to get goodies in the mail, nicer still is knowing a dear friend has you on their heart and mind. I have stripped down the envelope you sent and am off to stuff it and send it back to you! *wink*

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liz said...

oh YAY!!! i'm so glad it got there safe--and SO happy you enjoyed it!! have a wonderful day sweetie--talk soon!
liz xx