Friday, July 06, 2007

Wrapped Up in String

Yesterday I went out to West Vancouver to take advantage of a big sale at one of my favourite clothing stores. (The sale was at that location only.) On the way I passed a craft store so I made sure to stop in on the way back. They had the new line of Martha Stewart's craft stuff and I got suckered into buying a box of baker's twine. I just really loved the colours. I have some of the red and white that I ordered awhile back from Papier Valise . (Very reasonably priced, whereas Martha's is not-at least not in Canada anyway.) I saw some more of the red and white in a small shop in Port Townsend when I was at Artfest and so I bought more to add to my collection. Of course, I have not used any of it yet-I am hoarding it. *grins* I suspect this will also be hoarded until I find the right project to use it in. Don't ask me what the attraction is-I just know I like it!

Here's the latest:

Reading: "The Secret of Rusty Things" by Michael De Meng & "Alabi Man" by Tami Hoag.

Watching: We're going to the football game tonight at the stadium-BC Lion's vs. Edmonton Eskimos. Over the weekend we're going to watch "The Last King of Scotland" on dvd.

Listening: "Ruby's Shoes" by Laurie McKenna.

Drinking: Chai-is there anything else? I never get tired of it.

Anticipating: The Triptych returns. Susie LaFond informs me I won 2nd place in the contest. LOL! I didn't even realize there was one! Apparently I will find a collage pack in with my cards when they come. SWEET! I am also going to have a pedicure with my best friend Lisa on Sunday as a treat. I can't wait! And of course I am always anticipating my next project!

Dreaming: About buying a new office chair. I want one of those ones with the high back and armrests on them. My current chair is about 6 years old so it's time. I also did something (not good) to my back this week and this chair is killing me!

Doing: Still working on organizing and tidying my workspace. It's getting better, bit by bit. I am labelling the heck out of everything so I don't have to waste time searching for what I need.

Creating: Still working on my "secret project" for the exchange I am hosting. I haven't had time this week so far to get back to it, but today's the day. I would like to get at least 1/2 way finished today. Wish me luck!!

Wow! Is it the weekend again already?!? Have a good one everyone!


swooze said...

I am as you state! You are my nimmy that send me the cute little wall hanging that I have hanging on my work wall? There were two nimble nicks and I admit I confuse the me please!!

swooze said...

My head is just reeling here! How the heck did you find me? I am just so excited at the thought of finding you again. I did try but the last email I had was the hotmail one!

mormar said...

I love hoarding crafty little things i find. Sometimes it is just fun to take them out and look at them, thinking what they could become.

Lauri said...

I love that string! I'm a Chai drinker, too, and now people are giving me a hard time about drinking it now (because I like it hot) in the summer. Everybody thinks I should have it iced. What's the deal? They don't do that with people who drink coffee! lol!