Saturday, August 25, 2007

Garage Sale Score!

Remember these? Well believe it or not, while I was out doing my errands this morning, my son spotted a large garage sale and said "Let's stop!" So we did and lo and behold, I came across another brand new, never been opened bag of them for sale. If course they were such a good deal I couldn't resist and I am now in possession of a fair collection of these charms. If you'd like some for yourself, they are available through the Tattered Edge Mercantile. I love garage sales-there's always something interesting to buy!!

Here's what's happening in my world:

Reading: The Secret of Lost Things: A Novel by Sheridan Hay Which I am enjoying. I picked it up at the library off the "new" shelf just because the title sounded interesting and when I read the inside cover, I thought it would be good. So far it is.

Watching: Gearing up for the season premier of Rescue Me (in Canada) on Tuesday night. I can't wait to see Tommy in action! I watched the finale of On the Lot and I am please Will won. He seemed like a really nice guy-humble and crazy talented. His films were really charming. I picked him from day one-I just really liked his attitude. I was kind of disappointed none of the women made it to the final round, but honestly, I wasn't thrilled with their films.

Listening: James Morrison:Undiscovered which was a gift from my pal Liz. It always amazes me how much alike out musical tastes are. We keep sending one another music we figure the other will like and it's become this wonderful little exchange between us. There's nothing more fun than having new music to create by! Thanks Liz!

Drinking: Home made slurpees from my new slurpee machine. Bliss!

Anticipating: All the wonderful teaching opportunities that are happening this fall. It's going to be a busy time. Speaking of the fall, I am looking forward to watching the leaves change. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. I feel positively joyful and lighthearted in the fall.

Dreaming: About Artfest in the spring. I am really excited to be spending time with good friends, meeting new people and getting inspired. How I am going to wait till April?!?

Doing: I just launched this year's 12 Days of Xmas Exchange. The ladies are now beginning to think about what their gifts will be. If you'd like to follow along, keep your eye on the 12 Days blog. (The permanent link button is on my sidebar.) Probably sometime in October beautifully wrapped gifts will start appearing.

Creating: I am working on preparing kits for upcoming classes right now. I actually enjoy creating kits. It's like making little gifts of artsy goodness from my students. I love getting kits myself!

Art Supplies I am diggin' right now: I bought some of those hard cardboard cones that thread comes on and they are sitting on my desk while I decided just what to make of them. The wheels are turnin'!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


franswazz said...

I like the way you have set your blog, i.e., "drinking",anticipating,'creating',etc.
Easy to read and enjoy.
I am not blogging.....yet!
My very best wishes to you.

Unknown said...

i just checked out your blog because i saw it in the artfest yahoo group and i have to say i LOVE it---love your son's work too.
i have had fun looking at all your favorite stuff too.
lisa bebi