Friday, August 24, 2007

Through The Lens Darkly

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My son gave me the moon this week. No really. Last weekend he bought himself this wonderful telescope and every evening since, he's been out on the drive stargazing after dark. Most nights his dad has had to go out and tell him it's time to head to bed because he has work in the morning. (His wake up call comes at 4:30 a.m.!) Anyway, the first night he got all set up, I was urged to "Come see!!" and this is what I saw.

Isn't the moon amazing? How could anyone not love the moon? I know it sounds silly but when I see some natural wonder like this, it moves me deeply. It was right there in the lens in all it's glory. I could see the craters like small divots on it's surface and I could make out the bumpy texture, which reminded me a bit of stucco. I just wanted to reach out and put my fingers on those divots and feel the moon.

I have odd things that fire my imagination and space exploration is one of them. I have always been in awe of how human beings have been able to figure out(from the ground) how to launch people into space and then, as if by miracle, get them back safely to earth. If you've even seen Apollo 13, you know what I am talking about.

Not that long ago, I saw an interview with a woman who paid to be a space tourist. At one point in the interview, she said that when they docked at the space station, she actually got to smell outer space. She said it smelled like a burnt cookie! Who knew space had a smell?! I find that fascinating.

In any case, this beautiful photo of my friend the moon was taken by my son who I think is very clever for figuring out that he could even do this through the lens of his telescope using his digital camera. It's so exciting when I see him expressing his own special talents and gifts as an artist. He definitely has a good eye and I love that he experiments with things to see what works. I never would have thought of taking pictures this way. To see more of his images, please visit his blog and leave him a comment if you like-he would love that!

It was truly a gift to be able to see something so amazing and beautiful. Thanks kiddo!

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