Monday, August 13, 2007

Works in Progress

Yesterday morning I managed to whip up two doll quilt tops from the Moda fabrics I bought. I decided to just do simple charm quilts. I have the borders on and I will be adding some applique to them-I just have to decide what I want to add. Eventually something will come to me.

I got playing around with some of the scraps and made this book jacket for a journal.

It came out just darling and I want to embellish it too. Too bad the light wasn't better when I snapped the pic, but it's overcast today, which doesn't make for the best photos.

And what's this? Well I have had my eye on these Ikea tea thermoses for quite some time now. They are $40 CDN (isn't that insane?!) and every year they go on sale. I know that eventually they end up as low as $14, but each and every time, I've missed that brief window of opportunity and they've sold out before I could get my hands on one. This time I was in the right place at the right time and this one is MINE!!

Why did I want it? Well it's the perfect size to fit in the side pocket on my backpack on wheels which I use to transport my class supplies at Artfest and sometimes also when I am teaching. I love tea and this way I can have a couple cups while I am working. Tea for me is as necessary as breathing! There is always a cup sitting on my desk that I am working on and usually it's either orange pekoe or chai. So.. this orange thermos makes me happy!

My best friend Lisa is back from her vacation in Oregon and brought me a bunch of pressies. This "Boobie Girl" is one of them. It's the work of Lynne Novak and is made entirely of glass and wire. I love it and plan to hang it in the window above my workspace. THANKS Lisa!! xox

There are only two more weeks left of August and already it seems that summer days are fleeting-I can already feel fall in the air. (I LOVE the fall!) I had so many plans for the summer for personal projects I wanted to work on but so far have only managed a fraction of what I thought possible. Where does the time go?!


Lauri said...

Two in one day! That is so not kids won't leave me along for that long! And that little glass doll is going to be beautiful in a window!

Kristen Robinson said...

Whooo hooo I am loving the cover and the mug what fun fun fun! You are so very clever and wonderfully creative.