Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Project

Yesterday I got the wild hair to go fabric shopping. Lauri had emailed asking me if I would like to do a personal doll quilt swap with her and the idea appealed to me. I decided to go out and see if I could find fabrics I wanted to work with and sure enough I did! These are from Moda's Celebrate Spring collection. I don't usually go for pinks or pastel tones, but for some strange reason, these appealed to me. At any rate, they seemed to be perfect for a doll quilt.

The white with the flowers on it will be the backing and the raspberry is the binding. I am still trying to decide what blocks I will make-I'm not sure yet. I think I am about to go on a textile kick.

In order to be able to quilt, I had to run out and buy a new iron yesterday as well. On Friday morning, I got up early and decided to make myself a half apron,which isn't quite finished yet-I have some embellishing to do still. While I was working on it, I heard this ugly electrical zzzzt! sound and then saw a flash and heard a loud pop! after which smoke started pouring out of my iron as I ran to yank the cord out of the wall. Thank god I was in the same room when it happened or there might have been a fire. Needless to say, once it cooled off, it went directly into the garbage-there's no way I would even consider trying to fix it-it's had the biscuit! I found a new one and hopefully it will be as good as my old one-I loved my old iron.

I also wanted to show you this little gadget I bought on Friday. It's a slurpee/snow cone machine. You put ice cubes in the top, the liquid you want to use in the bottom (in this case diet caffeine free Pepsi) and just plug it in.

In about two minutes, you have a slurpee! I LOVE slurpees but haven't had one in ages because none of the ones you can get in the stores are made with diet pop. When I was at the grocery store on Friday, I saw they were clearing these machines out for $19.99 and had to have one. It works wonderfully and I can't tell you how great it is to be able to make my own slush drinks. You can use anything-fruit juice, ice tea...whatever you like! Iced Mocha anyone?! MMM!

Okay, I am off to get started on the doll quilt! Ill be back soon with photos!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fabric world! I think you're hooked now. Love the fabrics that you chose for your project. They blend so beautifully together.

This slurpee machine looks like a winner to me. Mmmmm! Those cold, icy drinks would certainly hit the spot with the high temperatures that we've been having here.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

LOL! Kathy fabric is nothing new to me. I've been a quilter for 15 years! I was a quilter long before I ever took on mixed media, it's just that I hadn't played with textiles in awhile.