Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Bevy of Books

Yesterday was Penn's BBQ and book swap. My guys and I went and had a really good time. There were tons of books to be had and I loved going through them all. Fortunately, no one was interested in the oldies but me, so I was able to snag some really wonderful volumes, among them, several Canadian editions.

You can't really tell from the photo, but The Book of Knowledge is quite thick. When my son saw it, he said "Don't you already have enough knowledge?!" That cracked me up. (In our house, I am known as the "Queen of useless information".) Silly boy-one can never have enough knowledge!

Isn't the spine of this one pretty? I love the designs on old books and the typesets. They just don't make books like this anymore.

This was printed inside the front cover of one of the books. Well said!

This was printed on the back cover of another. I love the graphic. I am so pleased to have these books to page through and use in my art. There is nothing better than FREE books!

The weather was perfect for a BBQ yesterday-blue skies and coolish. It was so lovely eating outside, chatting with friends. In the middle of dinner I realized that this year, we didn't picnic over the summer like we usually do. I guess we just got busy!

After dinner, Penn's husband Bruce treated us to a ride on the miniature train which was a hoot. There was quite a bit of track there so we rode around for a good 10 minutes. Everyone really enjoyed it.

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I was just uploading pictures off the camera in the very early morning from last weekend's trip to the fair and this one is my favourite. I took mostly pictures of animals inside the barns and vintage tractors. (I love me a John Deere!)

It's been such a busy week that I think I shall relax and do art for the rest of the day...maybe I can even manage to get someone else to cook tonight...

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