Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend Update

MMMM! Yummy! I have been dying some fabrics lately using a technique that Penn showed me. This is one of my favourites. When I showed this to Deb last night, she said it reminded her of a nebula. I want to use it for something really special-it's too pretty to waste and I don't think I could ever reproduce it exactly if I tried! (Which is part of the fun-the not knowing what you are going to end up with.)

Has anyone else looked at a copy of the current CPS? I got mine last night and was casually flipping through when I came to Janet Hofacker's sewing ephemera & notion assemblage. My eyes about popped out of my head! This gal is a kindred spirit-I don't know anyone who is as addicted to vintage sewing notions and ephemera as I am! Her piece in this issue made me want to reach my hand into the page and touch every dear little thing. *bliss* I am trying to get in touch with her but so far haven't managed to. It's too bad CPS didn't include some contact info for her, if only so folks could give her feedback on how much they liked her work!

This evening Penn is hosting a book swap and BBQ at the miniature railway where her husband volunteers. I am taking some books to give away and hoping to find a few to bring home. Maybe there will be some good fodder for my art there or something I've been dying to read. The best part is the books are FREE! Take some, leave some-gotta love that!

The weather is glorious here today-cooler and blue skies-absolutely perfect for a BBQ. Have a good weekend everyone!

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liz said...

i KNEW you would love it!!! thought of you the moment i saw it!
hope you are having a good w/end!
liz xx