Friday, September 21, 2007


Hello! So much going on here to tell you about. First off, my Artfest confirmation arrived yesterday! (I can't show you what it looked like right now-I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't received theirs yet and might be reading this.) I am very excited about my classes. I was lucky enough to get two of my first choices for Thursday and Friday and then my third for Saturday. I am already thinking about gathering supplies!

Also arriving in my magical mailbox was the necklace I purchased from the lovely and talented Jane Wynn. The patina on this piece is amazing and it's just gorgeous on. I have already worn it once and it got lots of comments about how beautiful it is. (Not to mention it goes nicely with my green eyes!) Thank you Jane! This is destined to become a family heirloom.

In other news, one of the big changes in my life in the next little while is that I will be moving next month. This was not in the plan, however I am choosing to look at it in a positive light. It means a fresh new work space. October is going to be a hugely busy month. There is Canadian Thanksgiving for starters, then I am teaching a workshop at the BC Art Teacher's conference, then my husband's birthday, followed by our 17th wedding anniversary and my favourite holiday, Hallowe'en! Somewhere in there, I need to clean, pack, paint, move and unpack! It's going to be crazy busy.

Speaking of new work spaces, I have been giving alot of thought to my creative space. I really believe that space is sacred and I am going to work hard on creating a studio space that feels more inviting when I get to our new place. To that end, I purchased a small Buddha statue yesterday. I have been looking for one for quite some time and happened across one in my travels yesterday. I have always thought having one in my studio space would remind me to become peaceful and centered as I enter my studio. When I worked at the crisis line, one of the things we learned to do was to leave all our personal stuff outside the door to the phone room. I think this is a good idea when I enter my studio. It's hard to get into a creative groove when you are upset or angry or worrying over something. It splits your focus and steals energy from what you are trying to do. My goal over the next little while is to become more present and mindful of this. I want my time in the studio to feed my spirit.

I was thinking I might have a little virtual "studio warming" party once I get settled, but I want to mull over how that would work.I have some ideas and I think it might be fun! Party favours anyone?

On Monday I head to the farm to teach a class and and then later milk a cow. I can't wait! It will be a nice break from the stress of thinking about moving. I just love teaching and I am sure we will have a great time! Just think of me tromping around the farm in my husband's rubber boots. *giggle* Now there's a visual!

One more very important thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet friend Liz. I hope that all the good you bring to the world comes back to you tenfold. You are precious and such a blessing in my life and I adore you. The world is a better place simply by virtue of you being in it. XOX And CONGRATULATIONS on your art being published in Arte-ed-anima!! That is fantastic news!


Anonymous said...

OMG- That necklace DOES LOOKS Pretty! Heee- sometimes I forget to take the time to really look at the things I do... Everything is made and then gone- so fast...

I am THRILLED you like it so...

Thank you for posting about me. It means a lot!

Have a great weekend!

Amy Huff said...

Wow, first sending you some extra engery for all that you've got going on. You're a whirlwind and just reading about all that you're taking on is making me tired!

Second, I think this new space is going to be wonderful and I think you're focusing on it in exactly the right way. I took over a room in our house as a studio recently and have really made it mine. I only put things there I trulylove and often find as I work that even if I was bothered by something, I've become much more calm and centered just from being in that space. So I think you're exactly right and it's going to be awesome!

Whew, that was a long comment. Sorry! But, I just had to tell you how fabulous and lovely you were and it got away from me. ;)

liz said...

WOW!! what a crazy time you're having!! need to know more!!--will be in touch!! thank you for the birthday wishes--and the lovely words!! you're a sweetie!
liz xx

MB Shaw said...

The necklace is absolutely divine!
You have so much going one, can't believe you are moving. I love your attitude and approach to your creative space, makes so much sense to me. I am going to check out this book too as I want to make some changes to my space too. Love the Buddha; I have a tiny statue of Kuan Yin in my office.
Take care.