Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's All A Matter Of Taste

Yesterday afternoon as I was packing up my cookbooks, I came across this one from 1958. I don't know when I got it, but it came from my Gram and I must have just added it to the pile without looking. First of all, check out the cover. Who in the right mind ever dreamt that this display would be appetizing enough to entice someone to actually buy the book? (Which still bears the original price tag of 25c.) I especially love that it promises 500 tasty snacks. Bear with me here as I share with you why I find this amusing.

Recipe #1:

Right off the bat this caught my eye. Can you imagine someone serving you this?! Just the idea of dipping a knife back into the peanut butter jar with raw bacon grease on it...salmonella anyone?!

Recipe #2

Nothing says "party time" like greasy sausages inside a burnt banana. Sausages tend to splatter when they are cooking and if they were stuffed inside a banana with no place for the grease to go, I am thinking this would create an oven fire. I can just imagine the fire department finding this tidbit in your smoke filled kitchen. It's disturbing to me that bananas figured so prominently in this cook book. But wait, there's more:

Recipe #3:

This one is the topper. If you weren't impressed before, check this out: They want you to take ham and put mustard on it. Then take the ham and wrap it around....you guessed it, a banana. Then if that wasn't enough to get your mouth watering, pour cheese sauce over the whole thing and bake it in the oven. MMMM tasty!! Don't they look delicious?!? Oh and if you don't want to use ham, they suggest trying smoked tongue.

Seriously, there's zero chance that I will ever use this cookbook for culinary reference as was intended. However, I may just slip bits and pieces of it into my art. I could see that being alot of fun!

Okay, back to packing those boxes!


Join the Journey said...

O.K. First off I have to wipe the spit off my monitor.. too too funny! I have that same book from my gram too.... want another copy? LOL
Second - packing boxes??? Moving? Near?? far?? (hmm I can hear you thinking, Di if you read this more often you would find your answers!!!)
Happy packing! ICK!

Anonymous said...

If I'd had anything in my mouth when I read this my computer would be toast! As it is, I too spit on my monitor a bit.

I hope you're well.
Tina in Seattle

Teresa Abajo said...

I've got drool on my keyboard - this all sounds too delicious!
You are too too funny!

Jonna said...

smoked tongue - ehhhhhhh! No breakfast for me now.

I need orange said...

There used to be (maybe still is?) a contest to make up horrible stuff with velveeta.

I think that tongue-wrapped banana needs velveeta. And ketchup???

:-P !!! :-)

I love the idea of using this in collage............ Perfect. I'll have to look for some books like this at my library's book sale............... :-)

Judy Wise said...

I'm pretty sure my mother learned how to cook from this very book. She tried really hard but the whole family pretty much couldn't eat a lot of what she concocted. Yuk, the 50's!!

Anonymous said...

Fun to wrinkle our nose up at these recipes! Thanks for sharing them!

Judy said...

How funny - i love looking at old cooking books - but tongue? - yuk.

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

LMAO.. umm, eeew. Diet anyway? Man, they must have had REALLY BAD taste back in the 50's. Thanks for the laugh though.

arlene said...

OK, I'm not a picky eater by any means...but Ham and Banana Rolls!!!? What were they serving as drinks at these parties??? Too funny!

Mia Rand said...

Gak!! Did the cookbook author actually try any of these unbelievably revolting concoctions? Did the book editor bother to read the text? I have some 50s cookbooks in the same series, and they have really nifty recipes. Thanks for sharing . . . I guess!