Monday, October 01, 2007

Lil Bit O'Art

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I managed to find a smidgen of time yesterday to finish up some more handmade Moo Cards for the swap I am in. I want to get them in the mail today before I forget, since this month is going to be sheer insanity! (By the way, Happy October everyone!)

I find that I am rather attached to some of the first cards I made and having a hard time parting with them. I found a solution though-I just scanned them and made them into real Moo Cards! There is a brand new box of 100 being printed right this very moment which will soon be on it's way. I can't wait! I freely confess that I am addicted to these little beauties-I prefer to work small and working on the pieces for this swap was really relaxing. I ended up making a dozen. It will be interesting to see the returns.

I have decided when it comes to moving, I hate packing. Really, after two weeks of doing it and getting this wicked cold right in the middle, I have had my fill. I don't mind unpacking though-I am super quick at that and the organizer in me enjoys finding a place for everything. I just wish it weren't right now. It makes it hard to enjoy preparing for Thanksgiving this weekend, which is one of my favourite holidays. (Hallowe'en being the other.) At least there will be homemade turkey soup at the end of it all!

I'd better run-there are boxes to be packed and papers to be shredded! It's been storming here the last 48 hours, so I am just as happy to have something to do inside today.

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