Sunday, September 30, 2007

Studio Thoughts

Hi Gang! I am still alive, though barely. I'm still sneezing and stuffed up and just generally miserable with this cold. I am also still packing. I can't believe that once upon a time I had our entire house packed up in 24 hours flat. Those days are gone, let me tell ya! I've been cleaning stuff out as I go-getting rid of the excess and junk and only packing what we want or need. It's amazing how much stuff had gone out of this house already. Some has gone off to friends who will make good use of it, some to charity and some in the garbage. I also bought a paper shredder and let me tell you, it's the greatest thing! I take it into the room I am working in and shred as I go. Makes a huge difference in the volume of paper I am getting rid of and once it's shredded, it can go in the recycler. YAY!

I am still reading through "Organizing Your Craft Space" while I dream about how I will create my new studio space. So far, according to their quiz, I hover between being an Idealist and a Guardian with my decorating style. The Idealist fills her studio with sentimental things and furnishes it with cotton and eclectic furniture. The Guardian creates a sanctuary of her workspace and loves small drawers and an abundance of bookshelves to showcase works that inspire her. Yes, that sounds about right. Then I did the personality assessment and my scores indicated I was a "red". LOL! As if there was every any question of this! Reds are hard workers, solution oriented and their strengths are power and knowledge. Reds are analytical in their organization and will find the most logical place for everything to be stored.

I am trying to decide what colour to paint my studio. I love red but I don't think I can work in a red room, even if the red were only one accent wall. Ditto for vintage aqua. I would like something warm and inviting and am leaning towards a shade of light mocha...any suggestions?

I am also curious to know what things make your work spaces special. Please comment here or point me in the direction of pictures of your space-I would love to see! Don't be shy! Do any of you have a cozy chair in your studio for sitting in to read? I am thinking of getting one for mine. I saw this black leather chair on TV the other day that the seat lifts up and there's storage underneath. While I hate leather (it's not cozy at all!) I wonder if I could find something similar in another material? Of course I have IKEA 5 minutes away so that's a good place to start. I just liked the idea of the clever storage option.

So...not much art happening here at the moment. I know any second now I am going to have withdrawals. Next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so I have to try and keep the kitchen as tidy as I can as we're having company. When we planned it, we had no idea we would be preparing to move. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball...but we still have plenty to be thankful for.

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ArtfulStory said...

I saw your post and wanted to let you know if you hadn't seen this in the forums on Etsy you might want to check it out for some more help.

I will be taking the most creative answers and writing a blog n this subject myself this week. Come and check it out.