Thursday, September 27, 2007

From a Land Down Under

For the last couple of days, we have been hosting a young man from Australia at our home. My husband called me on Sunday after our son's rugby game to see if it was okay with me if we take on a billet for a couple of days. At first I was surprised he would even ask me such a thing-after all, we are in the middle of preparing to move and the house in in chaos but he said the team really needed some families to step up so I said okay.

On Tuesday, my son's team played the Australians and got slaughtered 80 to 1. The rugby programs in Australia are very serious and the kids train as if they are going professional. (As indeed many of them are.) It was all in good fun though and no one was upset by it. Afterwards, my son came home with our billet, Cameron.

Cameron is absolutely delightful. He's 17, incredibly polite (which goes along way in this house) and wonderfully personable. (A reputation of Australians that is well deserved.) His parents have raised a fine young man.

Last night we took him downtown for dinner at one of our favourite eateries. Afterwards, when we got home, he gave us gifts for hosting him. He had a cool rugby jersey for our son, a team tie for my husband and a shirt from his dad's company, (His dad is a hot air balloon pilot) some photo cards taken from his dad's balloon and a beautiful glass cheese plate and knife for me. We weren't expecting gifts, but it was a lovely gesture.

Today I drop Cam off at one of the local high schools and he and his team will be off to Kelowna for another game this afternoon. We will miss him. He was only here a short time, but he fit seamlessly right into our family. He will always be welcome in our home, should he decided to visit Canada again and we have all promised to stay in touch.

In other news, I am sick as a dog having had allergies that morphed into something else. My head is swimming and I don't know how much progress I am going to manage on the packing today. Murphy's Law dictates that when you have a big important job to day, you will inevitably come down with something. I am off to drown in tea.

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liz elayne lamoreux said...

take care of yourself...drink up that tea and rest...

glad you had fun with your guest. :)