Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moo, Edition Two

Copyright Tattered Edge 2007

So remember those handmade Moos I was making for a swap? Well I got kind of attached to them so I scanned them before I sent them off and made some real Moos out of them. They arrived today and I love them!! I can't wait to hand some out at the conference!

Copyright Alana Holmberg 2007

I also traded one of my first edition Moos a couple weeks ago for this one by Alana Holmberg. She took this photo in Pienza, Italy. When I saw it, I had to trade for it-I have a soft spot for old guys. She does beuatiful photography. Once I get unpacked, perhaps I will share my Moo collection with you. I have some great cards.

I spotted this at the check out the other day and snatched it up. Always one who wants to see how people decorate, I thought this would be interesting. Notice it says "instant art" on the cover. It has some really cool ideas.

I have been mulling over what colour I want to paint my studio and I think I have settled on sage/basil green. I want it to be a calm and soothing place so that when you walk into the room, you exhale and think "Ahhh...." I want my new studio to be an oasis of tranquility where my mind can relax and the ideas and creativity will just present themselves.

Some people like bright colours and lots of visual stimulation in their workspace. I don't. I prefer to have my things organized and tidy and have the things that are meaningful (gifts of art from my friends and my favourite pieces of my own work) around me. I guess my space is kind of nest of sorts. I think sage/basil green will lend itself perfectly to the feeling I want to create.

I have been playing around with the Behr paint workbook to see how the colours might look on the walls. What fun! I have to say, choosing paint colours is the only fun part of moving.

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