Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Is Just To Say...

Well gang, we have had our fill of turkey and are now down to the nitty gritty of packing up and getting out of here. I am having serious art withdrawals with all my art stuff boxed up and ready to go. I will likely be scarce for the remainder of the week while I deal with the chaos, but hopefully I can find little snippets of time where I can visit your blogs and see what you are up to. A girl's gotta stay in the know, ya know!

Just a reminder that a week from this Friday (October 19th) I am presenting a workshop at the BC Art Teacher's Conference, Art2Go 2007 so if you are attending please do come by and say hello! Better yet, come join my workshop! I can't wait.

Catcha on the flip side!

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Anonymous said...

Your new studio sounds like a dream! I hope that ideas *will* present themselves just like that (snapping my fingers)! Funnily enough, we're moving too - back into town, it means I'll be losing my little playroom and will have to do the cut and glue somewhere else, but at least I'll be really close to museums and galleries and gorgeous little junk shops etc!! BTW, got a new blog - the last change ever, I promise LOL! Take care! Good luck with the conference!