Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Again With the Moving!

See this mess? You would never guess that this is actually a bedroom and not a storage locker! This is what I have been living with for 3 months now. It began at the old house with the packing, then when we got here and knew we were going to actually end up upstairs, I didn't unpack except for the essentials. We have been camped out amongst the boxes ever since. I can't tell you how much I miss my things and want to get settled. Almost there...

It amazes me how fast and furious the ideas for art come when you have no studio to work in and your supplies are buried. At the beginning of the year, I bought myself a little Moleskine journal to carry with me so I could jot down the various art related things. The journal has proven very useful in helping me remember ideas I had for various projects. When it's full, I will be buying another.

So what's in mine?
-lists: to-do lists, exchange participants list, lists of things on my wish list, supply lists for classes, swaps I am participating in, publications I have submitted to, movies I've seen, books I've read, songs I want to buy for my iPod
-sketches of artful things I want to make
-snippets of information clipped from wherever
-artful bits off of envelopes I received from artist friends
-return address labels off mail from friends
-idea clipped from magazines of things I want to make or buy
-song lyrics I like
and so on. If I think about it, chances are it's in there!

Right now it's turning into a repository of art ideas that I am having while in moving limbo. I cannot wait to get into my studio and WORK!! December 1st, that's where I'll be, plugging away, getting my hands dirty, music cranked, oblivious to the outside world. I keep teasing my guys that they will be slipping notes under the door begging me to come out and feed them and I don't think that's that far off from the truth! Perhaps I should stock up on frozen dinners now. *grins*

Before I sign off, I wanted to wish all my friends south of the border a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you all have a wonderful, laughter filled holiday and if you are travelling to be with family, a safe journey.

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