Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To Life!

"Tree Of Life" by Artist Heather Chisholm

I have wanted to share this painting with you all for the last couple of weeks but the camera was lost in the chaos. I finally located it but the light wasn't right. I feel kind of guilty showing it to you now because it looks so washed out when in truth it is bright and vibrant and has really cool texture work on it. Anyway, let me get to the spirit of this post: the gift.

Two weeks ago, my friend Heather, whom I met when we worked on the crisis line (I was her mentor) and I got together. Heather is a wonderful artist. I always think of her as very spiritual, insightful and playful. She paints and I am so envious of anyone who can paint for real. I don't know if I can or not-I have never had the opportunity to be guided into the world of paint, but I LOVE what she does. Anyway, just before I was going to come home she said something incredible to me. She told me her paintings needed to have a new home and she wanted me to choose one to take home with me. I stood there for a moment kind of bewildered and wondered if I had heard her correctly. So I asked her and yes, she meant for me to have one. WOW!

I stood there for a moment pondering which one spoke to me most. Finally I chose this one. I love the spirals of the branches-I have a "thing" about spirals. I also have a soft spot in my heart for trees and I like not only the texture on this piece (which sadly you cannot see) but also the wispy darkness of the sky. When I look at this, I see the tree has found purchase high up in the crags, grounding itself and finding strength to grow in an improbable place, unfurling itself to the heavens. I think it is about thriving even in difficult circumstances and being true to your nature, no matter what. If I tree can rise up from the rocks, anything is possible. It's mystical and this painting says so much about the friend I know and love. If the colours were true, you would also see that this painting will ease gently into my new studio space. I am very much looking forward to hanging it there.

It's been a long three months with this moving business. I packed up my studio so long ago it seems and now I find myself longing to unpack and rediscover all the wonderful pieces of art my friends far and wide have gifted me with over the years. Each piece is precious to me, for it speaks to me of the love between friends and I see the best of who they are in their work. I always think of art as a small fragment of someones soul going out into the world. It makes me feel really blessed to have a collection of these precious fragments to surround myself with, to be inspired by and to remind me that there is this community of spirit that we share with one another.

THANK YOU Heather, for being my friend and for your endless kindness and generousity of spirit. You inspire me simply by virtue of being who you are. xo

*Apologies for the bad photo. When I get settled, I will take another so you can see it as it was meant to be seen.

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Lauri said...

Beautiful painting!