Tuesday, January 15, 2008


IT'S HERE!!! This morning when I opened my post box, Stampington's LIFE IMAGES was waiting for me! I didn't even leave the post office before I had ripped open the plastic bag it came and and flipped through to find my page. Here it is in all it's glory-I had no idea I would have an entire page to myself! WOW!

What was really nice to see was that there were several Canadians included, which is always encouraging, along with a few names I recognized from Artfest like Tracie Lyn Huskamp and Bee Shay. Fellow Artpub member Angela Cartwright has wonderful work included as well. There are also a number of pieces by men which I really appreciate. It's nice to see a blend of talent being represented.

My favourite entry is Glenn Perryman's, entitled "Me" in which he talks about his hand. The photo is in black and white and I think it's the most poignant piece. Absolutely beautiful.

The magazine is really beautifully done. I had no idea what it would look like, but the results are really stellar.

I bought Deb and I these sunglasses as a joke. We call them our "Elton Johns". The joke is we're supposed to wear them when we have a "rock star" moment so I supposed I should put them on and bask in the happiness of this moment. It's the first time I have ever personally submitted to a Stampington magazine and the very first time I have submitted photography for consideration. So yes, it's a banner day!


Anonymous said...

A DEFINITE Rock Star moment! Put on those glasses!!!!

arlene said...

Congratulations Lelainia. Your adoring fans stand in awe and wonder. hehehe