Monday, March 24, 2008


So this week was the start of what I jokingly to refer to as "Birthdaypalooza". For some reason, all my life, my birthday has never been contained to a single day, but spread out over a period of about 2 weeks wherein I have various celebrations with different friends and family and the ongoing arrival of presents. Birthdaypalooza began last week on Thursday. My best friend Lisa took me to Spa Divine for a facial and pedicure. It was wonderfully relaxing and I came away feeling like a million bucks.

Saturday was my dinner party with friends. In the middle of the afternoon, before everyone arrived, this balloon bouquet arrived from Lisa's mum, Dian. It was a Thank you/happy birthday gift. (I'd been their official driver while Dian was visiting.)

It's been a long time since anyone had sent me balloons and I was very surprised. They are happily bobbing in the living room.
My guys gave me this wonder of technology! It took awhile to get all my iTunes software upgraded to suit it, but I managed to get the job done and now comes the fun of filling it up. I already have hours and hours of Everest video podcasts to watch and tons of new music. They also gave me a $50 iTunes card. YAY! The cool thing about this gadget is that anywhere where there is a wi-fi connection for me to pick up on, I can surf the web. I may even be able to blog from Artfest on it. (I think the cafe at Ft. Worden has free wireless!)
My in-laws always send me a cheque, so this year I spent it on an adapter so I can listen to the iPod in the car. The drive to Port Townsend will be musically enhanced this year!

These were from friends-gift cards from Starbuck's, Chapters and Opus. (An art supply store.) I love gift cards!

The Chapter's gift card translated into this book, which I have debated over a time or two. I'm going to take it with me to Artfest for reading in the evenings before bed, if I can stay awake!

Oh and I wanted to show you the prettiest shoes ever! I was looking for some clog style shoes a week ago when I came across these. They are leather and so comfortable. They look like boots peeking out from under my jeans and I LOVE the colour. They were $49 and when I got to the register, they were actually on sale so they only came to $25 with tax! When I got home and showed my husband and told him what a steal they were he said "Why didn't you buy yourself TWO pair?!?" Good question! So I called the store the next day and he drove over and picked up the second pair for me. What's not to love about a man who TELLS you to buy shoes?!? He's a keeper!!

I am *so* neurotic about the cost of shoes. I can't bear to buy any over $50. I do not know why this is, it just is. Last spring, he insisted I buy a decent pair of runners. My best friend took me to a fancy-schmancy running shoe store so I could have a certain kind, specific to walking the track and made for the way my foot rolls. The shoes were $218 and I was hyperventilating the whole time I was paying for them. My husband was so pleased when I got home and confessed their price. Meanwhile I was having a major case of buyer's remorse and the only reason I didn't go flying back to the store to return them was that he really wanted me to have them. I kept them and I wear them, but it's doubtful I will ever spend that much on runners again. It just freaks me out!

So, getting back to birthdaypalooza, there are still pressies in transit via the mail, so the celebration continues. My dinner party was alot of fun-it's so nice to fill the house with friends and good food and laughter. It was kind of odd celebrating my birthday on Easter weekend. To do it again, I would have to live to see 2285! Not gonna happen! The last time it fell on my birthday was 1818, so it was kind of special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my birthday twin, Tracy Roos!! Hope you had a good one too! xo

Only 9 days left till Artfest! I have so much to do-photocopying images to use in the classes I am taking, packing, finishing some swaps....I had better get crackin'.


Sweet Petunia said...

Happy Birthday! I typically take the whole month for my birthday:), and when I turned 40....I took the whole year. See you soon.

MB Shaw said...

Happy Birthday darlin'!! Sounds like it was wonderful. And I *love* those shoes.

bettyann said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful birthday season......

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Wishing you a real palooza of a birthday!
I enjoyed your beautiful purse in Haute Handbags, congrats! Mine is on page 136. I blogged about the symbolism, which isn't in the magazine. I'd love it if you'd stop by for a visit, it'll be great to meet you.
Creatively Yours, Laura

Anonymous said...

Hello, this could get addictive. I have never posted before today. Now I'm on my third of the day. I was looking for the photo I thought I had seen and came across your photo of the birthday shoes. It made me smile because last year I turned 60 and in my determination to put that potentially depressing landmark in a positive place I made a list of things I would strive to do in my 60th year. I never wear red, ever, but on my list was buy some red shoes. I don't really know why I thought to put it there but before long I was indeed wearing red shoes and I love them. They are not nearly as beautiful as yours but they make me feel great.The rest of the list was not so shallow but,tcuiqpbon the other hand, if something that simple makes us happy, how can that be shallow? I am coming from Oregon by the way. K

Anonymous said...

I had wireless access last year from the house. I'm hoping for the same this year. I figure it can only get better.

Spending today getting ready to go. Woohoo!

Mary Stanley said...

Happy Birthday wishes! Love those shoes...hope you wear them at Artfest! See you soon!
And Congrats on all your artistic successes!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday girl! Hey, I'm with you on the cost of shoes but I would have paid the 50 bucks for these. Do they have any in a 7 or 7 1/2??? Love em!