Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Surprise!

I am very excited to announce that I have a 2 page article called Common Threads published in the latest edition of Pasticcio QuARTz. I just got word last night from Sarah that it had been published and no one was more surprised than I was. I wrote the article at the end of 2007 and totally forgot about it. (Things have been crazy busy in my life since then.)

This article is true story about how the simple act of making art in an effort to comfort a grieving family who lost their son at the WTC on 9/11 led to a meeting and in turn to deep and abiding friendship. It's about how art can transform lives in way which we never thought possible. I can't tell you how much seeing this published means to me and I can't wait to share it with my friends in NYC.

In other publishing news, I got a sneak peek at the article I wrote for Haute Handbags and I am THRILLED at how it came out. I am excited for everyone involved in the project and I am looking forward to holding a copy in my hands!

Today is the first official day of spring! YAY! I was in Seattle yesterday and the ornamental cherry trees are starting to bloom. I imagine they are here in Vancouver, BC too. In these parts, that, along with crocuses poking their little heads out are our hallmarks of the change of season. It was so sunny and warm yesterday with a light breeze. It also means my birthday is in 2 days! YAY!! Welcome spring!

I think all this good news calls for a list! I give you "Things I am thankful for":

-warmer weather

-good friends who make me laugh

-going to the spa today with my best friend for facials and pedicures for my birthday.

-a happy marriage

-my son drove for the first time yesterday with his learner's and lived to tell about it. *wink*

-my studio, which makes me very happy

-success (and adversity which makes the successes all the more sweeter)

-Artfest! I am really looking forward to this special time.

-finding goodies in my mailbox

-new clothes

-new shoes! (I just bought two pairs of the coolest shoes ever!)


-tea in my favourite mug

How about you? What's making your heart happy?


me & my red shoes said...

WooHoo, Lelainia, you are defintely one talented lady who is on a roll. How do you do it all plus have time for one of your favorites, sleep?

Happy Birthday, one day in advance!

ginny said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to get such a tangible affirmation of your talents.

Anonymous said...

You were in Seattle yesterday??????? I wish I could have seen you. Alas, even if you'd had time I wouldn't have. Crazy busy at work and I started a new jewelry class last night.

See you soon!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Congratulations on being published twice in one month! That is fabulous.