Friday, January 01, 2010

Setting Foot in 2010

Hello 2010! Happy New Year!!
Last night I signed up for Marry Ann Moss' Remains of the Day class. I was up till 1:30 a.m. pulling ephemera out of my various boxes for this project. It's raining here on the wet coast, so I think today's an indoor sort of day. I'm planning to spend it pulling fabric from my stash and cobbling together the cover for my journal. *squee!* I'll try to take some pics as I go along. The tough thing is going to be able to decide which fabrics to use!

We just finished a breakfast of blueberry pancakes (made with blueberries from our own garden!) and bacon and everyone's agreed to spend a quiet day doing whatever amuses them, including fending for themselves at meal times (yay!) so I am free to play in the studio! Sounds like the perfect way to kick off the New Year!

If you want to see some of the journal covers made by Mary Ann's students so far, look here. Lots of eyecandy to be had! Off to get creative!


shebaduhkitty said...

that looks like a fun class. I have made a number of journals like that, but don't ever know what to do with them afterwards. but they are a great way to use up stuff! how is the class so far? worth it? after all I know you are talented enough to do this on your own too. is the interaction good? Me thinks of joining....

Sherry said...

Oh glad you are off to a roaring start with your "Remains of the Day" class...sorting and choosing -- sometimes that's a nightmare if there's "so much" and yet, it can bring such joy.

The plan to just stay put -- that's what we're doing. It's snowing on and off (flurries that melt after a while) and my guys are watching the outdoor NHL game on tv. I think food here should be catch as catch can too...I'm off to tell them!! :)

Have fun with your creating!

Lisa said...

Hello Doll! I too just joined Remains of the day...yesterday afternoon and spent most of the evening watching the videos. I hope to get started on the cover today:) Will you be at Artfest this year?

Tina said...

Moving forward and starting the year of with creating is just the thing after a year like you've had. I've missed you as well my friend. You've been very very busy and I've been hibernating. Here's to a 2010 filled with glorious making, easier health, and joy.