Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Olympic Torch Relay

My morning began early today. Sabrina, and I were up and out to the end of my street at 8 a.m. and soon after, an eye in the sky was circling around overhead.

Not long after, support vehicles started making their way down the hill.

People soon joined us, lining the street, umbrellas in hand. How typical-we have beautiful weather for days and then on a day when something important is happening, it rains! No matter, as everyone was in good spirits and chatting while we waited-get to know your neighbours time! There was a lovely senior couple who stood next to me and enjoyed petting Indy. (The husband pictured here on the right in the red jacket.)

The first of the sponsor vehicles makes its way down.

Coke came by with flags for everyone to wave.

Coke's flag. It reminded me of my friend Lisa
as soon as I saw it. There's a song called "Open Happiness", if you didn't know and it's pretty great. Lisa introduced me to it awhile back.

And the other side...

The official Relay support vehicles. The one in front had a digital sign telling us how long till the torch would pass by. (At this point, 3 minutes.)

And then another Coke truck with people singing and handing out little bottles of special "Olympic" Coke. (I am saving mine.)

They were very enthusiastic and jumped off the truck and posed when they saw my camera. Gotta love their spirit!

And then another sponsor...RBC. (A Canadian bank.)

And then an RCMP motorcycle escort....

And THEN, at long last...could it be?!?

THE FLAME!!! Carried by Claire!! How did I know it was Claire? Well Claire's sister and family were standing right next to me and told us her name so we could cheer for her and help make her feel special.

Clair was grinning ear to ear. She's a bit blurry here because obviously, she was running and running downhill in the rain, no less.

And here you can see her Olympic spirit mittens and the flame up close.
I like that it's blurry-it kind of fits the moment-fast and brilliant,
with a dreamlike quality to it.

That flame was born of the sun in Greece, crossed the Pacific Ocean, passed through the loving hands of my fellow Canadians all across our country and today made its way to my city and into my neighbourhood. In this moment, the flame passed within 2 feet of where I stood and I felt all the goodwill of its journey warm my heart.

I've had moments of being deeply moved and been granted so many wonderful memories. The most amazing thing is that TOMORROW the Olympics begin. I feel like I've already experienced so much. This is what "once in a lifetime" feels like and it's amazing!

Wherever you are in the world reading this, I can't urge you strongly enough to WATCH the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night. Join us in celebrating all that is wondrous and magical about the Games.

See you there!!

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PaperArtsy said...

Hi lelainia your behind the scenes reports are fabulous and we can't wait for the games to begin!! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Leandra