Tuesday, February 09, 2010

House Guest for the Games

So we are now 3 days out from the Opening Ceremonies. Everyone is working so hard to make this a very special celebration. I am especially excited about the work I am doing. Watch the ceremonies. They will be wonderful.

One of the reasons I wanted to be involved with the Olympics & Paralympics is that I love meeting new people and what better opportunity to get to meet people from all over the world, than to be right in the thick of things?

One of the wonderful compensations of volunteering and giving of your time and talents, is that you open yourself up to life enriching experiences you might not otherwise have. Last week I said yes to an Olympic opportunity that presented itself to me. While working with my team, I discovered that one of my team members, who is here from Quebec had only a temporary place to stay.

Being a mum and having been a stranger far away from home myself once, I couldn't stand the thought of her being stressed about what she was going to do about a place to stay. After checking with my husband, I emailed my Olympic contacts and asked that they let her know we wanted to extend an invitation to her to stay with us. She arrived this afternoon.

One of the great things is that being from Quebec, French is her first language. Already today, I've spoken more French than I have in years and I am amazed how quickly I can come up with things. At the same time, she is practicing her English. It's kind of cool to have a conversation where we speak part English, part French. We're both brushing up on our language skills!

Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies and my guys have tickets. I am so excited for them. I know they are going to have a good time. I will talk more about the Ceremonies after the 12th as I am sworn to secrecy.

Tonight we took a quick trip into the city to run an errand and I saw a whole bunch of Russian athletes. Russia is hosting the winter Olympics in 2014, so in addition to their athletes, there are also many members of their organizing team here to observe and learn from our games. Their uniforms are beautiful and the envy of everyone who sees them. I had planned to take my camera with me, but I forgot. Ack! I will have to try to get photos of their unis the next time I am off duty and tooling around the city.

Okay, off to bed with me! Tomorrow is another busy day!

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Susie said...

Hey Lelainia
I just love hearing about your adventures. I think it's wonderful you've extended your home. What a sweet and generous offer. You will have so much to share in the next few weeks. We are all prepared for a night in front of the tube tomorrow for the ceremonies. We love opening ceremonies...there is nothing quite like it..if we can't physically be present; we are there in spirit.