Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Opening Ceremonies

Hi Everyone! First of all, thank you for the absolute deluge of emails yesterday morning offering encouragement and support of my Olympic experience and good wishes for Canada and then last night for such glowing feedback of our Opening Ceremonies. It was such a surprise to receive them all and I thank you-it totally made my day!
Okay so I have TONS to share with you about last night and it's hard to even know where to start. Maybe I will start with telling you the job I have been doing.

About a week or so ago, I got a call asking me if I would like to "come rub elbows" with the athletes? Of course I said yes! I have no idea how I personally got that call, but it meant I was one of about 28 people out of over 1300 volunteers working in Events Services at the Stadium who would be helping to marshal the athlete's parade.

I went to a special training on Feb. 4th for this job, so that's why my Olympics started a bit earlier than I had anticipated. The job entailed standing in the seating area where the athletes would sit once they had done their parade lap around the stadium and getting them seated to enjoy the rest of the show. I spent hours going up and down the stairs, practicing so we'd get it right. I think by the times the Olympics are done, I will be in the best shape of my life. It's the world's best cardio workout!

As if this job wasn't cool enough, I also got to be one of 13 from my team of 28 to go down into what's referred to as "ring road" (essentially "backstage", which, because it is a stadium, is a ring shape) and help get the teams into place for the athlete's parade. This was the real "rubbing elbows" part because there was ALOT of Olympians. Each member of the ring road team had a flag and as the teams came into the ring road collected several teams and lead them around the ring to stage them.

As the teams arrived, it was like Christmas every few minutes because we'd all wait to see who was arriving. I looked over to my right and a few feet away, several very famous people were also watching! I saw Steve Nash, Anne Murray and Bobby Orr. I also saw Donald Sutherland and Barbara Ann Scott-King, who reminded me so much of Audrey Hepburn-so incredibly classy and beautiful.

While waiting for the parade to start, the athletes were taking photos with all the First Nations performers, who were in full regalia. It was a great moment to see strangers, smiling and laughing and wanting to connect in this way with one another. A smile is the same in any language.

Eventually, it was time for the big show to start, so I flew upstairs to be in place to work with my two partners to seat our section of athletes. I know that it doesn't sound all that complicated, but believe me, it's hard work. To get giant teams off the field, up into the stands, into their seats and sitting down before the next team in your section comes takes alot of focus, energy and not to mention team work!

My team was responsible for seating Albania, Algeria, Austria, Caymen Islands, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Yugoslavia-Macedonia, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Senegal and Uzbekistan. WHEW! That's 17 teams-we were a very busy section!

After all the athletes were seated, we took seats in amongst them, becoming a part of the audience until the end when we helped marshal them out again. I sat next to the Jamaican team. At one point, one of the athletes leaned over and said to me in French (and then in English) how utterly beautiful the ceremonies were. I had to agree. I kept glancing around to see the look of awe and delight on their faces. That made me so happy.

As for the ceremonies, here are the parts I enjoyed most:
-The whales in the floor. I saw the ceremonies four times over the last week and a half and every time, that gave me goosebumps. It seemed so real.

-The section where first you hear Donald Sutherland reading a quote about the Prairies by W. O. Mitchell, and then a performer who was on a wire came and Joni Mitchel's "Both Sides Now" played while waves of grain blew on the floor. That part was so much about the memories of my childhood that I cried ever single time I saw it, especially when the young man is running through the field.

-k.d. Lang singing the world's best version of "Halleluia", *EVER* and then the doves (projected ones) flying up through the "sky" (draping).

-Slam poet Shane Koyczan's "We Are More", which was just so utterly inspiring. If you missed it or wanted to see it again, it's here, but I think the version he did last night, which was slower and more deliberate, allowed for the words and their meaning sink in more.

It was an amazing night and all night long, I just kept saying to myself "Stop and breath it all in. You will never been in this time and place again." I kept taking snapshots in my mind of all the things, big and small that I wanted to remember. It felt slightly unreal to me to be in the thick of it all. I am racing now to get it all down on paper before I start forgetting small details.

Today is a day off while they prepare the stadium for the victory ceremonies. Each night there will be medal presentations for the athletes who won at venues in Vancouver and Richmond while the alpine events will be awarded at Whistler. After the presentation of medals, there will be a concert by some very big names and each night will feature talent from a different province in Canada. You can see who's playing here.

I do have photos coming. I didn't take my camera, because my understanding was we weren't permitted to, but some people did, so I should have some soon. (I imagine everyone is super busy today so it might take a couple days for me to get them.)

Anyway, wherever you are in the world reading this, I wish your teams good luck for the Games and I hope you keep watching. We will all have so much to celebrate!


Bettyann said...

I loved the Opening Ceremonies..It Is funny as I watched the athletics being marshaled into their places I wondered if you were there..I loves the Orca whales...My friend and her family were there since 4pm and had a marvelous time..thanks to you and all the volunteers..take care of yourself...bettyann, friend from the Library workshop

PaperArtsy said...

We loved watching the ceremony replay today. The whales were amazing, kd Lang was the best ever- so composed, and i just loved the simplicity and Beauty of White White White. What a privilege for you to be part of it all.

Tara Finlay said...

I was looking for blue coats the WHOLE TIME!
I LOVED the orcas! And really everything you mentioned. And the tenacity of the native peoples to be able to dance the whole time and so beautifully.

LP Vintage said...

Thank you for such a wonderful account of these great moments in Canadian history! As a fellow Canadian from Ontario, I loved reading your 'behind the scenes' tour.

The dolphins in the floor was one of the highlights for me as well- so incredible. The Prairie scene - loved the flying, I felt like it was me up there! KD Lang was amazing ! I want to see and hear everything again.

Watching the opening ceremonies made me proud to be a Canadian! My son lives in Vancouver and is enjoying the excitement of being in such a vibrant place. I am so glad he appreciates how fortunate he is.

I look forward to seeing your photographs. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic volunteer and sharing your experiences with us!

Pilar said...

It was a beautiful opening and celebration of life, unity and the human spirit. I am so glad you were there in person and are sharing your experiences with us all. xoxoxoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi Lelainia - just found your blog in the last couple of weeks and am so glad I did! It's wonderful seeing the Olympics through your eyes. I watched the whole opening ceremony and my favorite moments were the same as yours. :) Keep telling us all about your experience. Good show Canada!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh my goodness i am so excited for you. jon and i loved every minutes of the ceremonies last night over the television. i CANNOT imagine how amazing it would have been to be there.

the whales had me practically squealing with delight. and kd lang...oh that song. i have one of her versions on my ipod that i have been listening to on repeat lately. hearing her sing it last night was a gift...yes.

i hope you soak up every second and am so glad you are blogging about it so we can join in on pieces of your experience.

much love and light to you dear girl...

Anonymous said...

I am so so happy for you. I can't even imagine a better experience.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to Wednesday's dress rehearsal, and it really was fabulous. It couldn't have been better. I completely concur with your list of "best" moments. The prairie scene really didn't translate well on TV which was too bad because it was achingly beautiful. I also really enjoyed the first nations dancers welcoming the athletes. The costumes were fantastic and you are so lucky to have seen them close up. Did feel sorry for everyone around the "S" athletes when they were starting to really droop though.

Linda Jo said...

Love your account of things.... I also loved the whales. And I LOVED the boy running in the wheat field...everything you said... it was all fabulous!

Dawn said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you Lelainia that you had such an awesome experience at the opening ceremonies. I believe it was the best opening ceremonies that I've ever seen. Lots of memories for you to treasure, eh?
Cheers ~

I need orange said...

Thank you so much for taking us along as you enjoy the Olympic whirlwind.

Agreeing with you totally about the whales swimming in the floor. Wow. That was my very favorite part of a lot of very good things.

I thought the opening ceremonies were wonderful. Just wonderful. From the torch, moving, moving, moving toward Vancouver (down the mountain through the maple leaf of lights -- wow!), to the respect paid to the First Nations people, to moving the athletes in first so they can see the rest of the ceremony!, to Wayne riding in that truck through the rain..........

Wow and more wow.

I loved all the use of projection!

The totem poles rising, turning into trees..... The mountains, turning into Vancouver...... Very well done.

So many things to take in, so many things to enjoy.

Good job, Vancouver!!!!!