Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

I've finally had time to upload the pics from the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies! YAY! *mouse over the images to get the captions* It was a really wonderful opening, with the theme of the day being about movement and ability and how one person can inspire many. The whole thing felt like a huge celebration-it was very joyful. It was such a different flavour from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

One of the things that I liked alot was that everyone was on their feet cheering the entire time the athletes were coming into the stadium. Every single team was give the warmest of welcomes. We had these white pom poms that had mini lights inside them and everyone was waving them madly. Whoever came up with that had a great idea! Honestly, if the athletes didn't feel totally embraced, loved and supported after that, then there's nothing more we could do to convince them. We are thrilled to be hosting them!

For our family, the most touching part of the ceremonies was when they paid a special tribute to Canadian hero Terry Fox. They played a video clip of Terry speaking about his quest to raise funds for cancer research and when I looked over at my husband, I could see he was tearing up. He went to school with Terry and he knows the family. We were so excited when Terry's mum and dad, Rolly and Betty came out onto the stadium floor carrying a torch between them. It was very touching and so fitting that they help light the Paralympic flame.

I think the ceremonies organizers did a fantastic job showcasing the ability of people with disabilities. I don't think anyone could walk away not feeling inspired by what they saw. It was a beautiful celebration of the realms of possibility that lie within each of us.

Now I am glued to the TV watching the sledge hockey and hoping that Canada will be able to claim another gold medal. The games have been fabulous so far!

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I need orange said...

Projection is such a cool way to use images (colors, etc). Especially when they are projected on spheres, the crowd, etc......

Cool ideas, and cool execution!