Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shoppin' Good Time!

This morning we had our last official "Games" adventure, which I will post about tomorrow. In the afternoon, we headed into Richmond to poke around in Daiso, home of the $2 shopping spree.

I picked up some of these "A5" sized plastic cases to sort some of the ephemera for my ROD journals. I figured that it would be easier to find things if I can sort stuff by size...or something. Maybe it's not easier, but I like sorting and organizing stuff.

I was mainly looking for cheap art supplies. These are printed glassine envies.

Little pseudo "post it note" strips.

Grid labels in two colours and sizes.

A date stamp that I got because I like the shape of the numbers.

A roll of paper lace border.

Cute, cute wee printed tape with houses, buses and trees on it. I would have bought more of this, but alas, there was only a single package.

Neon scotch tape. Odd but fun!

Small days of the week wooden stamps.

Then on the way home I popped into the Michael's. They had these stamps on for $1.50 a package.

I found another roll of printed packing tape to add to my collection. $1.50/roll!

I purchased these at the Michael's close to my house yesterday, again for $1.50/roll. Love them! Especially since I found another store was selling printed packing tapes for $4.50/roll, so this is a steal!

Good stuff to play with! I just have to finish a top secret project that has a deadline looming before I can play with any of my new goodies. It's going to be hard not to get distracted. After I finish this particular project, my Olympic ROD journal is next! I can't wait!


Raven's Rest Studio, Jennifer Conway said...

oh! I was at Daiso a couple of weeks ago - they must have new stock! I definitely didn't see those stamps! I also bought those teeny-tiny post-it's though, and bought a bunch of funny little bags! I've enjoyed "watching" your Olympic experience! *smiles* ~Jen

Sandy said...

Hey Faith - looks like you scored big time on your trip to Daiso. The only time I was there was when you led me astray ! I'd love to go again but I just can't - I have waaaay too much stuff already. Looks like you had fun! I'm jealous.