Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Goodness

So in lieu of art content of my own, I am posting some pics of art gifted to me by a couple of my very talented girlfriends. But first, I wanted to show you this mug I bought myself from Starbucks. I saw it a few weeks before my birthday, but when it came time, my guys couldn't find it. I saw it again the other night while I was out and snapped one up for myself.

I love the colours! It's just so cheery and it's become my favourite.

Okay, so getting back to the birthday art! This gorgeous mixed media book wrap came from the gorgeous and talented Pilar*. It's got layers of gauze, paper, paint, fabric, wool and stitching.

Here's a close up of the wool felted heart. That's a medal piece in the center with the tree of life.

Isn't that just yummy?!? The layers in it are incredible. I have another friend, Tracy, who is a real sweetheart. She made me a set of signature pages for an exchange we did and I think they will fit perfectly inside this cover. (I haven't taken any photos of them yet to post, but I will!) I will have to make some more pages to flesh the journal out, but I love the idea of combining the talents of two people I adore. After I create my Olympic ROD journal, this is next on my list.

Yesterday my friend Penn (who is uber creative) and I got together. It's the first chance we've had to hang out since the Games. Penn had a whole bunch of little gifties waiting for me. This adorable wee "mixed tape" wool felted pin was one of them. I am a music junkie and this is so delightful! It measures about 1 inch x 1/2 inch.

Penn also made this little red apple book. She even included a worm hole in it!

Washi tape! It's a new addiction I have. Can't wait to use it in my journals.

Penn also recently bought herself a button making machine and has been making me little buttons for my ever-growing collection. Love 'em!

She also gave me a copy of Grey's Anatomy. I love, love, love medical stuff. I will be using the images in my artwork here and there. It's a keeper!

I am very spoiled and thankful for all the lovely, thoughtful gifts. There's nothing I love better than handmade presents.

*If you'd like to have some of Pilar's magic for yourself, visit her Zazzle store or Etsy!

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