Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Hail The Magic Mail Box!

So this cool envie just arrived from my friend Maria Lamb.

I knew it would hold something really good, I just didn't know what!
Finding art in my magic mail box is very happy-making.

Inside was a handmade book. This is the cover, made from a vintage pattern. (I *love* old sewing ephemera!)

Inside the cover, she'd sew envelopes she'd made from old wallpaper samples.

Inside each envelope, she'd tucked a whole pile of wonderful ephemera. The orange book you see here is a notebook from the Farmers' Fertilizer Works. The inside cover cracks me up. It says:

"Everybody should carry something about his person giving his name and address and stating whom he desires to have notified in case of serious accident."

Then it has a line for the name and address and then "in case of serious accident to me" and a line below that to list who you'd like to have called.

Here's the contents of the next envelope. Vintage postcards, a stamp save card, bingo card and a bunch of wee pieces of ephemera in a glassine envelope.

And still more art fodder!

Maria also included some of her art-some ATCs, some postcards, (she does the most wonderful dog portraits!) her business card...

...and a colouring book with line drawings she made. FUN!

THANK YOU Maria! That was a wonderful surprise! I look forward to using all this amazing stuff in my projects!

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