Monday, April 19, 2010

Odds N' Ends

Revisiting my 40 Things Before I Turn 40 list:
1. Make some new art friends (workin' on it!) 2. Get a tattoo (though first I have to find out if this is feasible, given my health.) 3. Go to the Olympics 4. Meet some athletes 5. See Barenaked Ladies perform 6. Write & publish another zine 7. Keep my ROD journal till it's filled up 8. Brush up on my Spanish 9. Work on a large canvass 10. Learn a new art skill 11. Go swimming in the ocean 12. Go on a picnic with my sweetie 13. See the Olympic Flame 14.Watch the Olympic Torch Relay 15. Cut my hair short again 16. Host an art project over the summer 17. Take a day trip somewhere local but fun 18. Carry the Paralympic Torch 19. Ride the Zip line 20. Purchase and teach myself to play a harmonica 21.Make a journal out of my Olympic ephemera and journal in it. 22. Submit something for publication 23. Host a swap or two (Just wrapped one up.) 24. Photograph my favourite trees in Stanley Park to show the progression of the seasons 25. Create a calendar from my own art for 2011. 26. Print photos that I have taken from the Games so I can use them in my journal. 27. Do one project that's outside my comfort zone this year 28. Host an art party 29. Spend a weekend playing with paint 30. Take an online class (I am just starting two with Mary Ann Moss.) 31. Make and send away some RAKs (Sent one out so far!) 32. Discover some new magazines/zines and buy/read them regularly 33. Take my laptop and/or journal to a funky coffee shop and write 34. Sew myself some cool pillows (I bought the fabric.) 35. Clean out the closet in my studio and reorganize it. 36. Plan a trip for our 20th wedding anniversary (In progress.)

I think I've cut a good swath through it so far. I still have 4 things to add, but like I said, I like to leave room for the unknown. There will be 40 things on there before the year's up!

We had some reno work done here yesterday-new double paned windows in the living room. I discovered a 1/2 inch gap in one during a storm. The wind was blowing and and that simply would not do! Our new ones are fabulous-we have a static pane in the center and a slider with a screen on either side.

Now we're just waiting till next week for our fix-it guy to come back and do the cosmetic touch ups and hang a new blind. I am deliriously happy about the new windows. They will help keep the house alot cooler this summer. Last summer, temps soared to 35C in the house. If you know anything about Multiple Sclerosis, you'd know that hot weather is the enemy. Hopefully we've managed to win half the battle with the reno.

Betty commented on one of my previous posts and asked what an "ROD" was. It's shorthand for "Remains Of the Day" which is an online class taught by the fabulous Mary Ann Moss. Some of my posts about these journals are here and I have a video of the first one I made here.

Okay, gotta fly! Time's a wastin'!

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