Saturday, April 24, 2010

Textile Love

I had to zip over to IKEA this afternoon because I needed a special bulb for my desk lamp. While I was there, I had a walk through and poked around in the fabric department. I came across this fabulous fabric and had to have some!

I love how only parts of it are highlighted with olive green.

I love all the seed pods...

the birds...

the pomegranates.

It was a mere $2.99/yd so I got two yards worth. Now the question is what I'm going to make with it? A pillow case? A journal bag? A cover for a new ROD journal? Or all of the above? The possibilities are endless!


Susan said...

This is nice. It sure looks like the work of Geninne, whose blog I follow.

what do you think??

Bettyann said...

Cool...all of the above sounds great...gave me an idea..thanks..

Pilar said...

OMG: That fabric is super nummy! I can see another ROD journal cover plus many other projects. I don't think our local Ikea has a fabric department. I am so envious!

I need orange said...

I want to take markers and start coloring in the black and white areas..... :-)

Mary Stanley said...

Love that I need to visit IKEA!
Love your carved stamps too, fun and folksy!
And I thought of you when I went to the Bruce Cockburn concert...I know you love his music as much as I do!
All good wishes and healing thoughts are being sent to you !

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said... would make a darling tote! A darling, anything really! I love IKEA's fabrics...and the baby bedding department? Oh my...irresistable...good thing I don't have a baby girl or I'd be broke!

Johwey Redington said...

Love this fabric. I, too, want to go to Ikea now - although I'm not sure if the one here actually has a fabric department. I hope it does.